We are in search of spiritually grounded, qualified individuals who are able to work well in a fast paced team environment, and be proficient in utilizing Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, and Excel). The individual should have knowledge of travel logistics, possess organization and time management skills, and have excellent written and oral communication skills. Other key characteristics include initiative, flexibility and ability to multi-task. 



20 hours

This Ministry Assistant’s primary responsibility is to provide administrative support for the Central Office Manager and various ministries at The Ransom Church in order to chase and achieve the goal of setting captives free. This Ministry Assistant will apply systems and structures to reach people for Christ while equipping, supporting and encouraging the ministries of The Ransom Church. All tasks will serve to support higher goals based on our core values; Worship Free, Live Free and Serve Free.  


Some tasks include:

  • Individualized support for the Central Office Manager as needed

  • Regular ministry support through the management and upkeep of our online database

  • Tracking and ordering office supplies and various campus needs

  • Event Support

  • Reporting –weekly/monthly/quarterly

  • Working with the Central Office Manager and the rest of the administrative support team to create cohesion between ministries and structures/systems

  • Working with volunteer teams to equip individuals and complete projects

  • Welcome visitors to our office and answer incoming phone calls



32 hours

The Ministry Assistant is responsible for administering the tasks and functions of the church office for our Pastoral Care Pastor and Compassion Director. In addition to these general duties, the Ministry Assistant may also be responsible for delegating or communicating tasks related to church calendar, event updates, telephone services, publications, and correspondence to volunteers.


Responsibilities for Care and Compassion ministries include but are not limited to:

  • Team support to include meeting planning and travel arrangements

  • Correspondence with attenders and volunteer leaders

  • Data Processing

  • Create, update or combine processes to increase efficiency

  • Calendar Administration

  • Event coordinating and support

  • Social Media Management for Ransom Recovery

  • Working with the Central Office Manager and the rest of the administrative support team to create cohesion between ministries and structures/systems



Full Time

The Ransom Church is excited to announce an opening for a full-time Ransom Kids Team Lead.  We’re looking for the right person to join our hard-working, fun, and passionate team as we follow God’s call to set captives free in Sioux Falls and our surrounding communities.


The Ransom is an exciting place to serve, for a number of reasons:

  • We are a young church—only 11 years old—but have grown rapidly into a dynamic multiplying church.  We currently have four multisite campuses and two church plants on the ground with 3 more plants being rolled out in the next year.

  • We aren’t what many people think of when they think of “church.” We started in a movie theater, but now we meet in an old, renovated warehouse downtown, a renovated dance studio, a steel framed building and a 100-year-old church.

  • We have a meaningful ministry among people of all socioeconomic levels. We are a church where a homeless man and a CEO may be found kneeling together in prayer.  It’s a beautiful thing!

  • We are devoted to “setting captives free,” and this takes place in many ways—whether it’s people in our jail ministry giving their lives to Christ or baptizing over 50 people in one weekend! This mission drives everything we do and we’re excited to say that God is making it happen.

  • We’re a church that isn’t afraid to fail. If you can’t handle failure and are afraid to take risks, you probably won’t enjoy it here!  We love taking risks and we value creativity – though that does mean we don’t get it right all the time.

  • Our gatherings are real, raw, and relational. People come as they are but are challenged to move closer to God.  Our worship expressions are creative and heart-felt.  We are a church that loves to worship!

Ransom Kids Team Lead Job Description:



  • Setting captives free to be all God made them to be by leading children and parents into a relationship with Jesus.  Equipping them to worship free of inhibition, live free of sin, and serve free of self.


Job Description

  • The primary responsibilities for the Ransom Kids Team Lead is to provide oversite to all of the Ransom Kids Directors at each campus and lead their respective campus where kids and parents alike are becoming disciples who make disciples.


Reports to

  • Campus Pastor


  • Full-time Salaried position


  • Negotiable with experience


Responsibilities & Duties:

  • Ransom Kids (Sunday Mornings year-round) and any special events.


Ransom Kids Team Lead:

  • Lead Ransom Kids staff meetings.

  • Coach and develop the other Ransom Kids Directors.

  • Coach and lead any children’s ministry residents assigned to you.

  • Communicate with other team leads for collaboration on projects.

  • Serve as the liaison between the Ransom Kids staff and the after hours volunteer team.

Ransom Kids Pastor at your Campus:

  • Create/organize curriculum for large-group as well as small groups. 

  • Create worship free experience. 

  • Teach large group and recruit and equip volunteers to teach large group.

  • Lead volunteer teams to minister well through excellent planning, communication, training and vision casting.

  • Fill absentee volunteer positions through recruitment, assigning roles, training, etc.

  • Support and equip volunteers by providing encouragement, resources, feedback, and signs of appreciation.

  • Continually assesses needs and flow of all points of Ransom Kids contact and make adjustments to best serve the community & congregation.

  • Run baby dedication class and perform baby dedications at your campus.


  • Check and promptly respond to emails, voicemails, and mail received.

  • Ensure thorough and efficient communication with parents regarding updates, and curriculum details.

  • Oversee Ransom Kids budget.

Other Responsibilities:

  • Be available to assist in the planning of kid’s camp and attend camp with your students.

  • Build relationships with parents/families.

  • Find creative ways to equip parents to disciple their children.

  • Develop and lead special events for Ransom Kids.


Skills + Characteristics Required:

  • Heart for Children to Know Jesus

  • Positivity

  • Flexibility

  • Spiritual Maturity

  • Strong Organizational Skills

  • Leader of Leaders

  • Servant Hearted

  • Biblically Knowledgeable

  • Excellent Communicator

  • Engaging Teacher

  • Self-Motivated

  • A Proven Passion for Children’s Ministry



Who is The Ransom Church?

The Bible says that Jesus Christ came to give his life as a Ransom for many.

As a church we hold firm to three core values:

  • Worship Free of Inhibition

  • Live Free of Sin

  • Serve Free of Self

Since 2009, it has been our mission to set captives free. We want to leave no corner of our community untouched by the very real power of Jesus Christ. We seek to be a church who meets with God without anything getting in the way, who holds one another accountable and does life together in community, and who serves wholeheartedly with passion and practicality.

Click here to view what we believe.

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To apply, send the following:

  • Résumé

  • Cover letter

  • Photo

  • Anything that can give us a sense of who you are—videos, recordings, writings, website, etc.


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