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Awaken the Church

Sunday our Campus Pastors took the reins and spoke to each of our campuses about what was on their heart and what they felt was most relevant for their campus going into the New Year. Consider this blog my chance to do the same thing.

Last New Year's weekend, Phil Wiseman shared a sermon that began to lay the foundation for a new direction for The Ransom Church. It was couched in a lot of "what if" statements that all had to do with what could be in the future, and it featured our Discipleship Pathway- at then just an idea, and today something completely foundational to ministry here at The Ransom Church. Over the last year, not only have we seen hundreds start the Discipleship journey (with many more considering it), but we also launched Awaken: The Ransom Multiplication Network.

I think we have done a thorough and meaningful job introducing our Discipleship Pathway. I think that's the reason we have seen the results we have already. What I don't think we have done well is to introduce you, our congregation and our followers, to Awaken.

Imagine an umbrella. That umbrella is our Awaken Network. The Awaken program is composed of three critical pieces in our journey to multiply the kingdom rather than to just build our church. Those three things are our 2-year post-graduate residency training program, our 1-year church planting program, and our strategy to keep these churches networked together for resourcing and accountability.

This is Awaken.

Awaken is a program designed to take both the trained pastor and the marketplace leader on a journey at the end of which they are following God's call to be all God made them to be. It is a training cohort for church planters to receive the skills and support they need to plant healthy, multiplying churches. You’ll be equipped to grow as a leader, gather your launch team, and go make disciples. Our goal is to see at least 100 church planters equipped through Awaken within the next 5 years, and hundreds of believers equipped to preach the gospel along with them where they live and work. This is no small vision and it will require all of us to reclaim our disciple-making call given by Jesus.

And if you call The Ransom Church your home, Awaken is a part of you. It is something that you make possible just by being part of this church. And for some of you, it's the tool God is going to use to equip you to follow your calling. So embrace it. Own it. Love it. Get to know Awaken by visiting the link above. If you're interested in supporting Awaken, we would love to have that conversation. And if you are interested in what it might mean to be a part of Awaken, we can't wait to talk to you! Contact us at awaken@theransomchurch.org, and let's get this conversation started.

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