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Established Deeply and Firmly

This past Sunday Pastor Cody launched us into our newest series- "Waiting Room." I have a feeling this one is going to be super relevant.

Although we launched a new series, I want to trace a theme from last week. We talked about the power of community and the idea of being rooted in relationships with one another. As Pastor Cody made clear, when you are waiting on God, there is huge power in the ability to lean into that community for support and encouragement. He continued with this theme of being rooted in relationships, and as he did it got me thinking, "Do people really know what that means?" I don't want to be guilty of assuming everyone just gets this concept. So I decided to write about it today.

The type of rootedness we are talking about is defined as being "established deeply and firmly." It is this picture of being able to weather the storms that come, because your support system goes down deep. Things that are deeply rooted face the same storms and trials as those around them, but they are unshaken. They have the uncanny ability to take hit after hit without wavering. It is not that they don't feel those hits just like everyone else- they do. But they are rooted deep.

So what does that look like at The Ransom Church? Every church has different systems and structures, different language for things and different tools or programs in place to facilitate rootedness. This is simply our version of this. You hear us harp about the same things over and over. Have you ever wondered why that is? It's like we won't shut up about certain things, even when you wish we would. And we're not going to either. But it's not because we're recruiting for a program. The things we choose to shout about from the rooftops are our ways of helping you "let your roots grow down onto Him and let your lives be built on Him." (Colossians 2:7 NLT). That is why we never shut up about this. So what are those things we can't stop talking about?

First and foremost, they come out of our core values:

Worship Free of inhibition. Live free of sin. Serve free of self.

If you are a believer (because it starts there), and you do these things, you will be rooted in Him, and you will be set free to be who He made you to be.

Worship Free- We want you to experience what it means to set aside yourself, join with others and truly worship God without any inhibition. We seek to do this in our Sunday services, but also through Ransom Recovery, Ransom Restore ministry and many other avenues.

Live Free- We are not naive. No one can be sinless. We are not claiming that. But we are called to a life seeking after God and set apart for God. Our goal is to become more like Him every day. That is why we never stop talking about Community Groups, or discipling someone using the Discipleship Pathway. If you were hoping this was just a fad for us, you're hoping in vain. This isn't going away. We are going to try to turn you into a disciple-maker. Embrace it. You must be in prayer. You must be in God's word. You must be in community.

Serve Free- One of the greatest ways to be rooted in the kingdom is to serve with others. We never stop talking about serving both in the local church (attend one/serve one) and in our communities (both through scheduled activities and just by choosing to be Christ in your neighborhood).

(For more on our core values, CLICK HERE to watch a sermon series on them)

This is what it is to be rooted deep at The Ransom Church. I'll be honest- if this isn't what you want, I'm not sure why you come here! I mean, I love it and I love you, and I want you here...but it's got to be exhausting sometimes. If you aren't doing some or all of these things, you're not rooted deep. And if waiting on God in this season of your life feels like it's going to tear you apart, it's probably because you're going at it alone. You don't have to.

If you need to talk to a Pastor about getting rooted in the church, CLICK HERE to email our office. We want to help you take the next step. Because like it or not, you need us. And we need you.

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