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Sunday we paused our “Blessed Life” series to celebrate and bring attention to Orphan Sunday. (If you missed this Sunday, CLICK HERE to catch up on a service you do NOT want to miss). I take that back- perhaps we didn’t pause the series. What we put on hold is our Biblical teaching on financial stewardship. But finances are simply a small part of what it means to live a life of biblical generosity. Did you know there is a resource we horde more than money? The thing we have the most difficulty being generous with isn’t money- it’s time.

But God has the same expectation for all our resources. As with finances, God expects to receive a tithe of our time. But He also wants us to learn to be generous with our time. He wants to impact the world greatly through you as you give yourself away. And there may be no greater way to give yourself away than in care for children.

The word of God is very specific when it comes to children- it is His expectation that His people, His church, would care for and protect children. In Matthew 19, Jesus chastises the disciples for trying to keep kids away from Him, claiming that the kingdom of heaven belongs to them. In Matthew 18, He says that if our faith is not like that of a child, we won’t enter the kingdom, and that if anyone causes a child to sin or harms a child, it would be better for us if we hung a millstone around our necks and drown ourselves in the ocean. Over and over throughout scripture, God’s church is called to protect the widow, the orphan and the vulnerable. Truly children cannot and should not be overlooked.

And yet when we get involved in ministries like Safe Families, foster care and even open our hearts to adoption, things get very messy very quickly. Our comfortable lives get broken wide open, and many simply aren’t ready for that. We like our “me time” way too much. So we do the easier thing; we throw money at it. And that’s not a bad thing. Without question, to care for the orphan is no small endeavor. But all the money in the world can’t solve the problem, and often our motivation for giving financially is actually to let ourselves off the hook for our unwillingness to give our greater resource- our time.

Here’s the reality. As much as the kids at our underfunded schools benefit from financial gifts, it’s no comparison to the benefit they get when you choose to give one hour to serve as a mentor; to look them in the eye week after week and remind them they have value. As much as Safe Families benefits from and relies on donor dollars to keep the program running, what they need even more are families willing to choose to give their time as family friends, family coaches, respite families and host families, and Wrap Around Teams that will support these families not just at the beginning but for 6months to a year commitment of support- people willing to open their hearts and homes to moms and kids and letting them invade your lives and your space. As expensive as adoption is, and as much as those in the process of adoption benefit from financial support, what is more needed are families willing to get in the fray and become part of the foster care and adoption process.

As is turns out, the greatest gift you can give…is you.

So how about it? Want to know more about what it means to surrender yourself, your family and your home to change the lives of orphans? We have so many great opportunities coming up. Click to learn more about Adoption, Foster Care, Safe Families, or Wrap Around team; Because the truly blessed life is one you don’t keep for yourself.

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