• Phill Tague

Politically Incorrect

This past Sunday, Pastor Jared Bell kicked off our newest series: The Great Politician. (Yup, we went there). If you know anything about The Ransom Church, you know we want to shout where scripture shouts and whisper where scripture whispers. You also know we tend to avoid political conversations. And yet here we are, talking about politics. What gives?

You can be sure our approach hasn’t changed. In no way will you see us taking sides or supporting certain candidates or anything like that. Though we believe in the power of the democratic process and though we support and even encourage you to vote your heart, we do not feel it is our place to tell you how you should vote. So what IS the place of the church?

It is our job to be politically incorrect. Here’s what I mean...

Our world is divided, often right down party lines. In the world we are living in, it is politically incorrect to not take sides. And yet as we look to scripture with a desire to model our lives after Christ, that’s exactly what we see Him do. Christ never bent God’s standards. He simply proclaimed them. They were the measuring stick. They were the plumbline. This is why churches cannot and should not align themselves with a particular candidate or political party- because none of them are the standard.

Jesus Christ is the only standard. Our job is not to tell you who or what to vote for. Our job is to help you align your lives to Christ, and to teach you to measure everything using Christ as your measuring stick. He is what should inform your vote. He is what should cause you to get behind whatever political candidate or agenda you are behind. Jesus Christ is the standard, everything we hear on stage, read online, or see happen must be held up to the truth found in God’s word. If the they don’t match up, we don’t throw out the Bible, we throw out that other source. The Word of God should be the standard, not a particular candidate or party. I know, I know - even saying that is politically incorrect, And I’m okay with that.

But here’s the deal...as followers of Jesus, we are citizens of His kingdom, As such, political correctness is defined differently. When Christ is your Savior, to put your faith in anyone or anything other than Him... THAT would be politically incorrect. More on that next week...

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