Prayer and the Fire of God

Sunday we continued our series "Church on Fire" by making a bold statement:

When the Fire of God's Spirit is poured out, it changes everything.

We have all experienced it. We have all been to church services and gatherings and community groups and service events where the power of the Spirit was on the move. We have also been to all of those same events and services, but where there was no move of the Spirit.

There is an old story from the 1700's told by Charles Finney about one of these dead churches. It was a place where the fire of God's Spirit had long ago been quenched and had gone out (it seemed) almost completely. But there was one man in the congregation. He wasn't great with his words. In fact, he stuttered so badly it was hard for him to even speak. His heart was breaking for his local church and he was longing for the fire of God's Spirit to burn in that church again.

He was so burdened for that fire, one day he closed the doors of his shop, he went home and prayed the rest of the day. He prayed for revival and that God would rekindle the flames of His Spirit in that congregation. One man got on his face before God and prayed.

The next time the pastor stood up to preach, the room was tangibly different. The power of God was so strong in that place you could feel it. Dozens of people were saved that week and the fire of the church was re-ignited.

Here's the point: A fire only takes a spark.

The movement of God's Spirit isn't connected to a certain method, program, worship style, activity, location or organization. It isn't found by having a great youth or kids ministry, or great worship. The Spirit can certainly use these things, but if God's Spirit hasn't been invited to move in your church, those things certainly won't bring Him.

If we are going to be a church on fire, we must be a church on our knees. The movement of God's Spirit is directly tied to the power of a praying church. I guarantee if the Spirit is moving in a church, there are people praying somewhere, spending long hours on their knees interceding for their church. This is what fuels The Ransom Church. So let me leave you with a few challenges:

First, if you don't pray, start. Don't get overwhelmed by what you don't know about prayer. At its core, prayer is talking to God. So talk to Him. Try using a simple formula.

A- Adoration (tell Him how great He is)

C- Confession- (Admit that you have sinned and need forgiveness- be specific!)

T- Thanksgiving- (Let Him know how grateful you are)

S- Supplication (Bring the needs of others to Him, followed by your own needs).

Give it a try and let us know that you think.

Second, consider joining our prayer or restore ministries. E.M. Bounds says that "God can move mountains, but only faith and prayer move God." We need more people on their knees on behalf of our ministries here. God is doing some mountain moving for sure. We are always looking for people who are powerful in prayer. If you would consider joining us, CLICK HERE to learn about our Prayer Team and Restore Ministry.

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