• Phill Tague

Rescued to be a Rescuer

This past Sunday, Paul Nix did an amazing job diving into the implications of our salvation, and how the ripple effects of a changed life stretch far beyond us. You were Rescued to be a Rescuer.

This phrase originated (at least we were introduced to it) at Central Church in Las, Vegas Nevada. We have been blessed over the last 18 months to have learned from this church on several occasions. As you can imagine, as a church in Las Vegas, they truly have been given the opportunity to minister to people from all walks of life with all kinds of stories.

The pastors and staff there needed a way to express to people the profound nature of God’s grace, and the sheer depths of healing and restoration that is possible through the blood of Jesus Christ. You see, it’s hard enough to wrap your brain around the reality of God’s forgiveness of even your worst and most secret sins. We all have those things in our life that cause us to believe God could never love or forgive us. It’s hard enough to be able to embrace the redemptive reality Jesus’ blood makes possible.

But Central Church didn’t want to stop there. They needed the most broken, lost and hurting people in Las Vegas to understand the sheer magnitude of God’s love. They needed them to see that through the blood of Christ, not only were they no longer disqualified from God’s kingdom; they were also no longer disqualified from kingdom service. In fact, God expected it!

Have you ever wondered why we are still here? When people accept Jesus, why doesn’t God automatically take us to heaven? Why does He leave us here in this broken world? The answer is simple: You have a job to do. You are now part of God’s kingdom force. You are here to make a difference. You are here to share Jesus. Scripture is full of stories of people from the most broken of circumstances being used to make incredible kingdom impact.

All the heroes of the faith we celebrate have a backstory.

This is what Central Church needed Las Vegas to understand. And this is the language they came up with to express it. You were Rescued to be a Rescuer. There is no place to make an excuse why God can’t use you, and there is no argument to be made why you aren’t called. If you are breathing air on this planet, it’s because God has a purpose for you.

At Ransom, we call that purpose serving free of self. And certainly, it is expressed through getting involved serving in your local church. But your God purpose is bigger than that. You should serve simply because it’s needed. But your call is bigger than your volunteer position. God has a place He wants to use you out in the world to impact the world in a way only you can. He wants to use your back story and your redemption story to make an impact.

The question is, will you surrender your story to Him? You weren’t rescued to live your life, make your money and do your thing. You were rescued to be a rescuer.

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