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This past Sunday, Pastor Cody Tupps helped us get a better picture of what loving God with your whole soul truly entails. This is a profound and powerful conversation, but much of it has to do with soul care- how we actually feed our souls.

Now, when I say “Soul Food” I’m not talking about food from the south (although fried chicken, sweet tea and collard greens would be AMAZING right about now!) I’m talking about what we choose to feed our souls with on a regular basis. I have a trainer friend who told me something super annoying once. (Actually, trainers tell you super annoying but true things you don’t want to hear all the time, but that’s a totally different subject!) This friend was helping me lose weight as part of my recovery from a rock-climbing accident. He told me I could work out every single day, but if I didn’t adjust my diet, I would NEVER see the results I was hoping for.

How annoying is that! I didn’t want to hear that! He was saying that what we feed ourselves

is actually a bigger factor to physical health than how often we exercise our bodies. Conversely, he said if I ate right, even if I missed exercising daily, my body would be healthy enough to sustain me.

So now let’s talk about your soul. What are you feeding your soul? Here’s the reality- You can exercise your soul every day if you want- you can go to Sunday service, participate in a community group, serve every night of the week, but if you aren’t feeding your soul on your own, and if you aren’t feeding it healthy things, you will never achieve the level of spiritual health you are hoping for.

And the opposite is equally true. If you are feeding yourself spiritually, nourishing your soul through things like reading God’s word, prayer and fasting, then when we are no longer able to gather in person, you won’t atrophy. You can attend online, go to digital community group, continue to serve others around you and actually still flourish in this season.

I am learning this in this season. I can’t go to the gym. I can work out at home, but it’s not the same. But the greatest thing affecting me is when I eat garbage all day. And the same is true for you. What are you feeding your soul all day? If all you feed your soul is a constant stream of negative news on social media, mixed with hours of Netflix, you will spiritually wither. Your soul needs good food. So feed it.

If you need advice on how to do this, contact us at info@ransom.church or go to ransom.church/restore for some great prayer resources!

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