• Phill Tague

The Shape of things to Come

Sunday, Pastor Jared Bell preached on an incredibly difficult topic- the dare to get in shape. It's difficult both because this is an incredibly personal thing, and because we tend to equate "getting in shape" specifically with physical health, which we don't see as a spiritual issue. (It is, but that's not the point of this blog).

Pastor Jared challenged us to get in shape, but in some areas we may not normally think of. Sure, getting in shape physically was a huge part of this message, as it has huge implications on the ways that God can use us. But he also pushed us into the consideration of a pretty life altering thought:

God created, cares about, and desires to be loved in each room in our lives.

In other words, this relationship with God is holistic. It's not just a spiritual thing we do on Sunday with one small part of who we are. His Holy Spirit takes up residence in our lives. And when God's Holy Spirit takes up residence, you better believe He is interested in cleaning house. And unlike the way most of us live, the Holy Spirit doesn't have a junk drawer. There is no part of your life that God wants to leave untouched by the power of His Holy Spirit.

But here's the reality. You get to choose the shape of things to come. You get to choose where you give God's Spirit permission and you also get to choose what you declare off limits. But as long as we are keeping God's Spirit at bay, in certain areas of our lives, we will never be truly spiritually healthy.

Perhaps for you, this is a physical issue. I know a lot of people who love God with all their heart, soul and mind, but who abuse their bodies, the temples God has given them. They don't care for themselves physically, or perhaps they have an addiction that they allow to own them and they aren't getting help. This may not seem like a spiritual issue, but we have one life and one body to be used in God's service. How do you think He feels when we can't live out His potential for our lives because we aren't physically up to the task?

Or perhaps for you, this is a mental issue. It could be you are doing everything you can to live for God externally, but you are secretly harboring an addiction to pornography. Outside the cup looks clean, but the inside has not been properly dealt with.

Or for you, it might be emotional. One of the biggest hurdles to people's spiritual well-being is chronic anger, bitterness and un-forgiveness. When we have been hurt or people we love have been hurt, it can be hard to offer forgiveness. But un-forgiveness acts like a poison, killing us from the inside out.

Whatever the case, it is you who will choose the shape of things to come. So where are you out of shape? What needs to change in your life? Where do you need to surrender to His Lordship? Perhaps you need a community group or to be discipled. Perhaps you need to consider a restore session with our Ransom Restore ministry. It may be you need to attend our Ransom Recovery services. Or you may need to join a gym. Whatever the case, these are spiritual decisions. The question is, will you take the dare?

We dare you to get in shape; to choose the shape of things to come.

If you need help taking a next step, click HERE and we will send you a resource list for taking some next steps.

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