What’s your Faith Made of?

This past Sunday we continued our series looking at yet another partial truth; a true(ish) statement common among professing Christians: “As long as you’re sincere…”

Ironically, sincerity in our faith is one of the biggest things that comes under question by an unbelieving world. So many accuse the church and Christians of hypocrisy because our faith seems to lack true sincerity. Granted, Christians have been given a bad name by many who, in the name of faith, have done all sorts of terrible or self-serving things. From the justification of slavery during the civil war to the furthering of a political agenda by candidates on both sides of the aisle, so many claims to sincere faith have fallen short.

And though much of the criticism is unfounded, some of it is spot on. Far too many Christians are one person on Sunday and someone completely different the rest of the week. Far too many Christians claim to follow Jesus, but they do not know the scriptures, and as a result, their theology is a combination of verses they heard on Sunday, mixed with the latest new age philosophy, eastern religions, or quotes from their favorite pop star.

There is a way to test the sincerity of your faith. 

The ancient Greeks and Romans used to make intricate and beautiful porcelain vases. These took time and were very expensive. Sometimes when a vase was heated in the furnace, it would crack. Dishonest merchants would pour wax over the cracks. This would hide the flaws until the vase was held up to the sunlight. Honest merchants actually started to advertise and even mark their porcelain as “sina cera”- without wax.

If you want to know if your life is sincere, hold it up to the light of God’s word and look for inconsistencies. Hold it up to the heat of God’s presence and see if it holds up or if parts of your life melt under pressure. As Christians, our lives should be marked by a sincerity of faith. Actions and words should match, and our lifestyle and choices should be God honoring and in line with His word.

So what’s your faith made of?

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