Sunday as Pastor Robert Morris taught us about “The Principle of First”, he shared a story about his son literally catching him tithing and how he got to share with his son about why they honor God with the tithe. As we wrapped up, I asked this question:

“What story do you want to tell your kids?”

We all have a choice what we will tell our kids on this issue, particularly if we raise them in the church. Obviously the implication of this challenge is clear- I want my kids to catch me honoring God with the tithe. I want them to catch me being faithful to my Heavenly Father. That is the positive implication of this story. But what about the less obvious negative implication?

The truth is, your kids are going to catch you doing something when it comes to this issue. If you raise them in the church, they are going to learn about tithing and generosity (at least if the church you attend is teaching the scriptures!) So the reality is, they are going to catch you doing something. As they learn about God’s call to tithing, faithfulness and generosity, they are going to ask themselves this question- “What do my parents do?” In fact, they may even ask you.

Some of us are going to get caught doing nothing. We know we should give but we have a hundred excuses why we just can’t yet. But ultimately, whatever our excuses, when our children ask us what we did to support the kingdom, our answer is going to have to be “nothing.”

Others fall into the camp of those who give periodically. We don’t tithe and we don’t give consistently, but we can justify it, because “At least I give something.” So what are you going to say to your kids when they ask you why you short change God? I guarantee the “I give something” excuse won’t carry much weight with them.

So what’s your story? I don’t share these things to guilt you or to put false pressure on you to give. I just share them because they are true. Perhaps the greatest implication of all of this is not that I may have to tell my kids a story I don’t want to have to tell them, but that the story I tell them may ultimately determine what kind of giver they choose to be. Your story very well may become their story.

It’s not too late to change your story! If you would like to start your adventure of obedience in tithing/generosity, CLICK HERE for information and a link to fill out the form for automatic withdrawal tithing.

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