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Sunday, we were privileged to sit again under Pastor Robert Morris’ teaching again and dive deeper into the issue of generosity. If you missed the sermon, you need to catch up HERE before you read any further.

Honestly, this message is really challenging to those of us who are long time believers. For some reason, so many believers have treated the tithe as the finish line when it comes to God’s work in our finances. This idea is crazy, because nowhere else in our faith do we draw this type of finish line.

For instance, there isn’t a certain amount of times you can read your Bible and then say “I’m finished! I don’t need to read THAT anymore!” And no one ever assumes in discipleship they are finished either. You don’t have to only attend church a certain number of times before you are “Done” or go to Community Groups a certain number of semesters before you can “check the box”. And when you finished with the Discipleship Pathway, you aren’t done- you’re just ready to become the Discipler. And yet believers have done this with the tithe for as long as I can remember. God challenges and stretches us to the point where we are faithful with our tithe. But once we get there, we check the box and move on with life, never assuming for a second that God may have more.

This is why I needed Ransom Church to hear from Pastor Morris. It is a story like we heard Sunday about generosity that challenges us as believers to a core. Maybe it was never about the tithe! Maybe the tithe was just the first step towards a lifestyle of generosity. Maybe God’s goal was never 10%, but the tithe was just a stepping stone to get us closer to total surrender to God.

Now, as I mentioned Sunday, it’s easy to hear Pastor Morris’ story and to wish it was our story. But God doesn’t want you to have Pastor Robert’s story. God wants you to have your story; your best story. The question is, are you willing to ask God what He wants your story to be? Ultimately, The Blessed Life is simply a life where God is first, above all else. And a “God first” story is a life changing story. Are you ready for your life to be changed?

Maybe that story needs to begin for you today. If you are willing to accept the challenge to tithe, CLICK HERE to sign up for auto-tithe and to take that first step towards financial obedience in your story.

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