This past Sunday we continued our journey through Nehemiah, applying powerful life and leadership principles specifically to the workplace. Truly, there is nothing more annoying in the work place than someone who doesn’t do their job. And truly there is nothing more inspiring in the workplace than the idea of “teamwork.”

One of the things I have learned leading a growing group of staff, church planters and pastoral residents is how different we all are! You would think that all these people with calls to ministry would be at least a little bit similar! Not at all. We are all over the map. Certainly, we are unified by our love for Christ and our calling to carry out this vision to Set Captives Free. But beyond that, all bets are off. 

And what’s been really exciting has been when I realized this was not a problem to be solved, but rather a tension to be managed. Or said differently, it’s better this way. In fact, in any workplace (and certainly in a ministry setting), it takes all kinds of people to get the job done. There is a phrase that jumps out in this chapter, and that’s the phrase, “opposite their house”. It appears over and over again:

Verse 10 – “Jedaiah the son of Harumaph repaired OPPOSITE HIS HOUSE.”

Verse 23 – “Benjamin and Hasshub repaired OPPOSITE THEIR HOUSE.”

Verse 28 – “Above the Horse Gate the priests repaired, each OPPOSITE HIS OWN HOUSE.”

Verse 29 – “Zadok the son of Immer repaired OPPOSITE HIS OWN HOUSE.”

Verse 30 – “Meshullum the son of Berechiah repaired OPPOSITE HIS CHAMBER.”

I don’t know if that last one is a weird bathroom reference, but the point is still the same! Everyone played their part! I think it was D. L. Moody who said, “If everybody would sweep the area in front of their own home, then the whole street would be clean.”  We’re not talking about everybody doing everything. We’re talking about everybody doing something. We’re talking about everyone playing their part. And we’re talking about everyone doing whatever they can do. This is what it takes to be a great team player, whether in the workplace, in our families, or in our greatest role- playing our part in bringing about His kingdom. 

Whoever you are, whatever you do, do it well. Be a good worker. Be a team player. Your employer is counting on it. And whoever you are, whatever you do, know this: we need you. If you’re part of our church, we need you to carry out our kingdom call. And if you’re part of a different local church, they need you. And beyond that, we need to tear down the walls between churches- because we need each other.

You have one job. Yours. So do it and do it well. 

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