south campus questions

1. If we raise the money, can we stay?

If this decision is what is determined to be the best course of action, it won’t be simply a financial decision, but will be because we feel it best aligns with the heart of where God is taking us. Given the call upon Ransom to pour into more leaders, church planters, and send them out for maximum kingdom impact. In light of this goal, spending this kind of funds on another campus may not be the wisest choice and seems to be out of alignment with our future plans.


2. Why are we being punished for growing?


The simple answer is- you’re not. Though I know this may seem like you are having something taken away, the reality is God has moved in magnificent ways at our south location. We never could have anticipated the growth we would have seen so quickly at this location. But Ransom is one church with multiple locations, and we are also called to pour significant resource in the future into planting churches and training future leaders. In light of those visions, as well as the current realities our world is facing, we believe it may make the most sense for the church as a whole to eliminate our smallest facility and better utilize the space we have at our other campuses.


3. First Harrisburg didn’t work, and now we may close South Campus…what’s wrong with us?


Nothing is wrong with you or with South Sioux Falls. On the contrary, your story as a campus is a beautiful one full of ups and downs and incredible God moments. We care very deeply about South Sioux Falls. However, we also know we have serious crowding issues at our south location, and we know that the attenders at this campus don’t struggle from the same transportation issues other campuses struggle with. We are humbly asking these attenders to consider driving a bit further as a beautiful act of service to the greater Ransom community.


4. Do we really get a voice on things?


Absolutely. We would love to have you join us on September 20th at South Campus for our campus meeting on this topic. Your voice matters and we want to hear what you are thinking. We want to make sure whatever decision is ultimately made was given proper weight. This cannot happen without your voice.


5. What if I am serving on a team, how do I transfer?


Super easy! Whatever campus you might end up at, our desire is that you would continue to serve. If this decision ends up being made, your Campus Pastor and team leads will be in touch with you to offer you the option to jump onto the same team at whatever campus you choose to be a part of. We will make it super easy; we promise!


6. Is this financially motivated?


The short and honest answer is no. We don’t financially need to sell our south campus building. What we absolutely do need to do is answer the crowding issues at this location in a way that is fiscally responsible and that most aligns with the future vision for the church. Without question, combining into two campuses will create some financial margin that will open the door for some incredible kingdom opportunities. But this is not the primary motivation for this decision.


7. What will happen to the staff?


The only way we would even consider this option is if it meant we could keep our team intact. Ransom has always been understaffed. This move would actually allow us to redistribute our staff teams in a way that allows us to chase some things we have been dreaming about for years, from song writing and curriculum writing, to deeper coaching for our volunteer team members and so much more. Those staff you know and love so well aren’t going anywhere!


8. What would happen with the building?


The building would be sold. Though we have had early conversations about some possibilities, nothing is decided yet. Ultimately, we want to make the choice that we believe sets us up to have the greatest impact on our city and on the kingdom. We are currently praying through several options and opportunities to use this transition to expand our reach to the lost, hurting and vulnerable in Sioux Falls.


9. Why that location and not another one?


To put it simply…size. This is a vibrant community of believers that outgrew their facility long before we expected them to. Praise God! In the past, the plan to build a bigger south location was certainly entertained. However, in light of our call to plant churches and in light of the realities of a post-COVID world, it simply no longer seems like the right move. The building is just too small. And as mentioned above, attenders from this location also don't struggle with transportation issues like our other campuses in Sioux Falls. Again, we are appealing to the AMAZING people of this location to consider plugging in to one of our other campuses.


10. Where should I attend now?


Ransom Church! But seriously, whatever campus you choose is amazing. There is plenty of room at our other Sioux Falls locations. You don’t have to feel obligated to attend the one closest to where you live. Try them both and see what feels most like home! We’re just glad you’re part of the Ransom family!


11. Is it okay that I am angry right now?


Absolutely! I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t as well! We love the people of this campus. We love that facility! We love the way things are working right now. But we still believe this is the right move for the greater body. We absolutely hate having to ask attenders to transition again. But that doesn’t change what we believe may be best. I’m celebrating our belief in South Campus attenders and their resiliency. Bottom line- you are awesome! And we are leaning on your grace.


12. Why leave a neighborhood?


At the risk of sounding cliche - we aren’t! We have always believed that the church is the people and so the church is in every neighborhood our church family lives, regardless of what campus they may attend. However, we recognize the difficulty of removing a building from a particular region. This is one of the hardest things for us by far. We KNOW there is much to be done in South Sioux Falls and in many ways, we don’t love leaving that area of town. However, we also know that Sioux Falls is big, but not so big people can’t drive further away. It’s our prayer that the ministry we are doing and the part our attenders play in it would trump the inconvenience. We also believe it is those who live in that area living their lives as missionaries in their community that will ultimately make the greatest difference and will determine whether people in that area of town will make the journey to one of our other campuses. YOU are the difference makers!


13. Will we ever go have a church building on the South side?


The honest answer is, we don’t know. We are open to wherever God leads us. We never thought we would be considering a move like this. And yet our leadership and our Elders are both in agreement this may be the next right move for us. Our focus in this season is on empowering a generation of leaders to plant churches and in training Ransom attenders up as Disciple Makers. If that journey leads us back to South Sioux Falls, we would follow.


14. What’s going to happen to my Campus Pastor?


This is probably the most sensitive question, because we love all our campus pastors so much! The short answer is they will still have a job. The longer answer is a beautiful picture of God’s handiwork and cannot be expressed fully in a short FAQ sheet. Check out the Q&A portion at the end of THIS VIDEO to hear a more complete explanation.


15. Is the Ransom struggling and will we close more campuses?


Ransom Church is NOT struggling! God has blessed us greatly and we are doing well. The sale of the office and the possible sale of South Campus will likely look to the world like we are struggling - far from it. We are simply following God’s leading in strategically aligning us for the future. God seems to be helping Ransom Church get as lean as possible in order to be as effective as possible in chasing his vision for us. We are not struggling. In fact, the best is yet to come!

16. Why not add more gathering times or ask people to move?

In many ways, we wish the solution to space issues at the current facility would be that simple. However, over the history of South Campus and through much effort on our end, we have discovered that our current configuration is actually the best it can be. We simply have to come to grips that we have reached the upper limit that this facility can offer. While we lament that this likely leads to a transition, we also celebrate that God has allowed us to do some amazing ministry here.


17. Is this because of COVID? 


No. And Yes. These conversations were happening long before COVID was even a reality. And yet COVID has changed our reality forever. To ignore this would be foolish. What COVID has done is shine a light even brighter on conversations that were already happening. More than ever, owning less and not more campuses makes sense. More than ever, investing time and resource into online ministry makes sense. More than ever, the landscape of church ministry is changing. This decision not only aligns us better with God’s mission for us, it also makes more sense than ever in a post-COVID reality.

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