worship pastor/director

job description.
Report to
  • Rock Rapids Campus Pastor

Coordinating relationships
  • Campus Worship Leaders

  • Tech & IT Director

Coaching Relationships
  • Worship Residents

  • Worship Team Volunteers

Clarifying the Win
  • Leading and teaching individuals to worship free of inhibition through experiences that exhibit Spirit-led excellence. These opportunities should aim to be a pleasing offering to God and carry a spirit of hospitality for those who do not yet know Christ. Furthermore, this leader should seek to develop worship residents and worship team members so eventually they too are able to lead worship and articulate the importance of worship for others.


Staff Expectations
  • It is expected that the employee be a regular part of the body at The Ransom Church.  Therefore, all staff members are expected to worship free during a gathering on Sunday/Tuesday (as job allows), live free by either discipling someone or actively participate in a community group, serve free in an area outside of the ministry they are responsible for and tithe regularly.

  • Continually seeks to help fulfill the stated mission and vision of the Ransom.

  • Demonstrate strong commitment to Jesus.

  • Demonstrate strong commitment to family.

Positional Duties/Responsibilities

​Service Plan & Execution 55%

  • Weekly gathering planning sessions (in collaboration with other campus worship pastors and residents)

  • Preparing music and worship prompts

  • Leading rehearsals

  • Implementing creative elements into gatherings (visual arts, music, challenges, media, etc.)

  • Special gatherings and events (Christmas Eve, Good Friday, Easter, worship nights, funerals, weddings, etc.)

​People (Leadership Development) 30%

  • Recruitment of team members

  • Developing worship team members and residents

  • Pursuing relationships of spiritual growth and discipleship with team members

  • Appointments as needed/requested

Church Life 15%

  • Group or discipleship participation

  • Service project participation

  • Required staff or team meetings


to apply.

To apply, send the following to Cody Tupps at cody@ransom.church.

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